Creative Translation - voor doeltreffende vertalingen in en uit het Engels
DUTCHYou wouldn't leave translating your texts to just anybody, would you?  
We all know that translating texts requires a thorough knowledge of not only the target language, but of the source language as well.
However, translations apparently are not always given the attention they need. Witness the countless rather poorly translated publications, many people seem to settle for second best, or even worse.
An unfortunate situation, and an unnecessary one, because there is a solution: all you need to do is find the right person to do your translation work for you.
By coming to this website you need not search any longer, as you have probably found what you were 'Googling' for.
Creative Translation offers: 
  • creative solutions to your English-to-Dutch (and v.v.) translating problems
  • proof reading, correction and editing of all your text publications
  • prompt, free quotation after initial assessment of the material in question  
  • professional quality at fair rates
  • our motto: 'Agreements and Deadlines are sacred, and to be respected'
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About Creative Translation
 'Cheapest is best' or 'Best is cheapest' 'Quality pays' !
Free translation services on the Internet and the translation modules that come with some software packages pose an increasing temptation to their users to try their own hand at tanslating their texts and publications. As these 'D-I-Y translators' usually lack the professional knowledge and skills that this specialist work requires, this remedy is often worse than the disease, as it may lead to the wrong choices: clumsy, bent sentences, and sometimes even apertly wrong translations are the result.
Economizing on your translations is an example of being penny-wise, but pound-foolish.
A well-written source text and ditto translation will pay itself back, and may even lead to a benefit: not only in the sense that its return may be greater than the investment of having your texts translated, but also because the quality of your texts will reflect on you and your business.
Creative Translation aims at serving you, client, by delivering excellent, reliable and presentable translations, at a fair price.
Target group
Creative Translation does not exclusively aim at the commercial market for translations, but also takes assignments from private individuals.
Brochures, business correspondence, letters of application, texts for websites, presentations, guided tours on (art)exhibitions, in short: virtually any situation that requires a correct and reliable translation of English or Dutch texts may be reckoned to the domain of our expertise. 
Our activities are not limited to the ones mentioned, witness our portfolio: we also feel at ease translating Dutch or English (illustrated) books on various subjects.
Who is Creative Translation?
Thom Binksma, owner Creative TranslationCreative Translation was conceived,and developed by Thom Binksma (1955). 
"I have been preoccupied with languages ever since my childhood. At first in a general sense, later on more in particular with English, the language that I was practically spoon-fed with.
After many visits to Britain and a study of English - what else? - I gained a lot of linguistic and translating experience as a teacher of English in various institutes for secondary (vocational) education (Dutch MBO) since 1978.
In the last few years, I became increasingly interested and active in the fascinating world of translating, and gradually shifted my activities from teaching to translating. The increasing number of assignments and satisfied clients (see: Portfolio) enabled me to increasingly let go of my activities as a school teacher and set up my own translating business in 2009.
I am greatly indebted to my friends George Hall († 2015) owner of Parallel Text and Gerard van den Hooff (Rosetta Translations), two experienced translators and - by now - colleagues whose professional support and advice have proved invaluable in the process of making my career switch a success. "Thanks a lot for that, mates!"
A serious proposition
Creative Translation is a business that does not only take itself seriously, but primarily you, as a client. As a serious entreperenuer, you want your English and Dutch texts and publications to be correct, readable, presentable and crystal-clear. As it happens, so do we !
Creative Translation can offer you a helping hand in achieving this goal.
Our services range from proof reading, correcting and editing your texts, to producing complete, reliable (and creative) translations and texts.
Interested? Please contact us!
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